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U-Haul Equipment

The Right Equipment at the Lowest Cost

U-Haul has the right equipment at the lowest cost, and we are open six days a week to support your U-Haul needs. You can reserve equipment online, by clicking here, or give us a call to help set up your next U-Haul reservation. 

  • We rent U-Haul trucks, trailers, and towing equipment.  We also rent dollies, furniture pads, etc.
  • We can take reservations over the phone for you to pick up here, or other locations 
  • You can rent equipment from us and drop it off at any location in the United States or Canada!

Need Moving Supplies?

We have a variety of moving supplies available for purchase (Boxes, tape, locks, bubble wrap, etc).  You can purchase supplies online and pick them up in the store, or you can come in and browse through what we have.

We've Got you Covered!